You’ve already decided to plan a destination wedding and you’ve now been wondering what type of wedding you should hold? We are here for you!

Couples can legally tie the knot in any country in the world, but each country’s requirements and administrative fees must be taken into consideration prior to making up your mind!

The different types are the Symbolic Wedding, the Civil Wedding, the Church Wedding and of course the Vows Renewal Ceremony!

Symbolic Wedding

A symbolic ceremony is the exact same as a regular wedding ceremony, including the exchange of vows and exchange of rings, but with no legal force. It is usually performed by a wedding celebrant, and gives you the opportunity to express your personality, your tastes and your values.

It is perfect for those couples who seek to organize a destination wedding with short notice, do not want to worry about completing any documents, or are already legally married and just want to celebrate a special, intimate moment. Having no legal value, a symbolic wedding offers you a lot of flexibility and independence as it can take place pretty much anywhere.

Civil Wedding

If you want your destination wedding to be a cultural experience, then you should go for a civil wedding. You will have to prepare some paperwork, depending on the destination you will choose, but you will get to legally tie the knot.

While the whole world is your playground, you should be very careful when choosing where to hold a civil ceremony. Greece is an excellent choice, as the documents needed are less compared to other countries!

Holding a civil wedding doesn’t automatically mean that the ceremony will take place at a dull Town Hall! Charming villas, sandy beaches or panoramic terraces overlooking the sea can be the perfect setting for your civil ceremony.

Church Wedding

Your wedding ceremony is definitely one of the most important events of your life; so important that it should be witnessed and blessed by many of your loved ones. Those couples, who hold high regard in faith, should be married in a church or a chapel.

So, if you want to incorporate a touch of tradition into your far-flung nuptials, you will have to choose a destination that do have churches of your religion. Greece can be perfect for Catholic and Orthodox church weddings! Note that when organizing a religious wedding, some documents need to be gathered and applied to the local Cathedral.

Vows Renewal Ceremony

Are you long married but still in love? Then you should plan a vows renewal ceremony and celebrate this growing love of yours! Let the world know that your other half is indeed the person you want by your side for many years to come. Reaffirm your commitment to each other, revive your special day and why not have your own children do the honors this time!

The vows renewal ceremony is the sweetest way to express that the vows you took years ago are still considered sacred, that marriage isn’t the final step in a couple’s relationship, but actually the beginning of a grand adventure.

Whichever your personal wedding type is, Greece is the absolute wedding destination!


Ili M.