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Should I Go for A Winter Wedding in Greece?

While most couples’ dream is to get married on the beach during the warmer, summer season, a beautiful winter wedding offers plenty of magic too!

Organizing a summer wedding, when the weather is usually sunny and warm, and the chance of rain is less likely to ruin your wedding, is the norm. But winter weddings are gaining ground recently and are about to become a trend.

We can think of many pros of planning a winter wedding, first being the fact that you will probably get the absolute white wedding! The romance will be at another level with nature’s artistic stroke making the hard work! Just picture this: cool temperature, some snowflakes along with a slight fog; a venue full of candlelight and dimmed chandeliers and the guests to be greeted with hot chocolate or cognac to take the chill away! In any case, you won’t have to worry about the weather at all! You will have already booked a covered venue, and cold is expected!

Flexibility is another main advantage if you are considering tying the knot somewhen between November to February! Since less weddings are held at this time of the year, you will be able to find your special date available with the venue of your dream, the catering its food is the most delicious, the florist their work you like the most, and the photographer whose photos take your breath away. Not to mention of course that holding a winter wedding gives you a big bargaining chip with your suppliers, as all those working in the wedding industry are less busy.

Another idea is to combine your wedding day with the holiday season! Your guests will be more likely to attend, as they most probably be on vacations for Christmas & New Year! Also, they will all be eager to party hard, as it’s unlikely that your guests will have been to a big do for a while! After all, is there a better way, to start the new year as married to your other half?

So, we totally shout out a big fat “Yes” to a winter wedding, specifically in Greece! Islands; warmth; ancient myths; beaches; ice coffee. But that’s not all! Greece has a well-kept secret, hidden above the clouds. Mountains! Lots of mountains. More than 300 in fact, and most of them are covered in snow!

Do not hesitate a bit and plan your winter wedding in Greece now!


Ili M.