How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Destination Wedding in Greece

While pretty much every aspect of a wedding is optional, there is one thing you cannot skip: the wedding venue. After all, you have got to have somewhere for your friends and family to gather and celebrate your wedding in Greece.

Choosing a venue is not an easy step, unless of course it was love at first sight. Most couples contacting us have a location in mind but struggle to find the perfect venue. To be honest (and proud of) in almost every location in Greece there are plenty of different styles of wedding venue alternatives. Secluded private villas, rustic vineyards, elegant ballrooms, traditional villages (yes!), tavernas, restaurants, beach bars, Greece has them all!

Let us give you some tips, as to clear your thoughts when picking a wedding venue in Greece.

1. What are your criteria?

Nobody knows the type of wedding you want better than yourself! Deciding on the type of wedding you want and how your venue can reflect your taste is all part of the fun. Are you going for a beach wedding on the sand or overlooking the Aegean? Would you prefer a posh or a more relaxed style of a wedding? Do you want to have your ceremony and reception in the same place? How do you envision the wedding day? Which is the most important aspect for your wedding venue? When looking for a wedding venue and especially in Greece, where you can find all, it could be useful to have all possible questions answered.

2. Check on IG photos but stay flexible.

Yes, a whitewashed terrace with a breathtaking view to Santorini’s famous Caldera during the sunset is the dream. However, check the picture again… How many seats can you see? Can this venue accommodate the number of guests you have in mind? Images have a power, however, while choosing a venue, it would be useful to have the whole picture of each venue and not only the published images.

3. Know your guest list.

Of course, it is crucial to have an estimation of the number of guests as to check the capacity of each wedding venue. However, the in-depth knowledge of your guest list goes beyond the actual number of guests. When start looking for a venue you should always have in mind if the venue covers not only your priorities but also your guests’ needs. Easy accessibility, availability to cover dietary preferences, nearby accommodation, proximity to airports/ ports, are also things that determine the perfect wedding venue. You should also think about the experience your guests would like to live with you.

4. Check what is included.

While some venues may appear cheaper at first glance, please make sure that you have checked thoroughly what is offered and what is not. An in-depth reading of the offers received from each venue will help you take the right decision, stay in your budget, and avoid any hidden costs.

5. Questions are never enough.

Do not stop asking questions to the venue you are interested in, until you are covered. Information is power and a key while choosing a wedding venue in Greece.

6. Visit the venue prior to the wedding day

If you have the opportunity, we strongly recommend visiting the venues in person prior to the wedding day. Having that done, can help you better envision your wedding day, discuss the details with the people in charge and maintain your peace of mind.

7. Talk with a planner.

Although we know that hiring a planner might seem pricey, it can actually save you money and of course time. Most destination wedding planners in Greece have worked with numerous venues and they have also personal experience in most of the wedding venues in all potential wedding destinations in Greece. With that experience in mind, they will be happy to share with you the pros and cons of each venue and make your choice easier.

To conclude with, from our experience it could be useful to follow all the above steps to help you choose your perfect wedding venue in Greece. Shall you need more information, feel free to contact us (remember bullets 5 & 7 😊).