Cliff wedding for two in Santorini

G & E

G & E came to us with one and solid request; to have their symbolic sunset wedding in Santorini, just the two of them on a secluded balcony with amazing view to the ocean and away from the prying eyes of tourists. With Santorini being one of the most famous travel and wedding destinations, and secluded venues are not always exactly private, we must admit that this request was rather tricky. After scouting the whole island, this secluded balcony, literally hang over the Aegean Sea, stole our hearts. Our couple said the big yes and everything fell into place.

For this unique wedding concept, we were inspired by the colors and the light the sky has during the famous Santorini sunset. Fuchsia, orange, violet, light blue, green from the surroundings, yellow, and white were harmonically combined as to create a beautiful result, perfectly matched with the landscape. Have you ever dreamed holding the sunset in your hands? That was exactly our bride’s bouquet!

On the wedding day, the couple got ready together in their suite. The photographer was there from the early beginning of the wedding preparations to capture the special moments and the small details, like the I do’s under their shoes. The groom was waiting for his bride on the balcony with the amazing view. When the bride walked down the aisle, all of us being present, felt the love of this couple, and were sure that they will live happily ever after. When this special and amazing ceremony has ended, the couple had their photo session in the whitewashed villages and on the churches with the blue domes, Santorini is famous for.  

As the sun was setting, the couple returned to the balcony, which was transformed for the couple to enjoy their private candlelit dinner by gazing the breathtaking view. 

Event styling & planning: Unique Wedding Concepts
Wedding Coordination: Weddings Santorini
Ceremony & Private dinner Venue: Athermi Suites
Photography: Thanos Rivios Photography