A sea breeze vows renewal in Halkidiki

Alexey & Liudmila 

Alexey and Liudmila were 20 years married already and we were very excited when the groom contacted us to plan their vows renewal exchange  in Halkidiki during their vacations and in front of their children and close friends. As Halkidiki is known for its famous beaches, what could be more appropriate to plan this special and unique ceremony directly on the sand? Moreover, and as our beloved couple came from Russia, we have found a Russian speaking celebrant to officiate the ceremony. 

A beautiful wooden arch decorated with light white fabric and beautiful flower arrangements was placed directly on the sand. The chairs for the guests were dressed and were carefully placed to create an aisle on the beach. The ceremony table was also placed under the arch and was decorated with traditional local wedding sweets in various colors. When a slight sea breeze showed up, the movement the fabrics had, added an amazing touch to the final decoration result.

What we will always remember is the ceremony, due to the strong emotions and the fun we had experienced. Tears of happiness, laughter and of course love were in the air. The celebrant had created a scenario, which made the whole ceremony interactive both with the couple and the guests. The sand ceremony included was the highlight of the event since the bottle with the different colors of sand was created by the four of them; the couple and its two sons. 

Just before the golden hour, Alexey & Liudmila enjoyed taking group photos on the beach with their wedding attendants, with the couple surprising us by taking some funny poses too. Right during the sunset, the couple had some private, romantic, and more relaxed clicks on the beach. That beautiful and full of emotions day came to an end and found our couple enjoying a dinner with their friends on the beach under the stars.

Event styling, planning and coordination: Unique Wedding Concepts
Ceremony & Dinner Venue: Acrotel Lilly Ann Beach Hotel
Photography: Studio123
Wedding Celebrant: Tatyana Vedeneeva